The Integralead Media Story

Integralead Media is an internet marketing startup located in Mesa, AZ. We're family-owned and connect small businesses in the Real Estate industry with their target customers. When you want to scale your business and increase sales revenue using SEO & digital marketing services, you need someone you can count on when it comes to these types of digital marketing services. 

The origin story

Hi, my name is Rafael Carrasquillo, co-owner of Integralead Media…

You may be wondering a little about how we came to be here with you today.

Let me tell you a quick story about how much frustration we had from prospects threatening to sue us because of our marketing.

At the time I was trying to get more house seller leads to contact us for a FREE service offer.

I was struggling with all of the negative responses we were getting using COLD outreach marketing methods.

And I was getting more and more frustrated and nervous.

Then something really bad happened: I had an attorney reach out to us threatening to sue for "marketing harassment".

Which meant I couldn't continue marketing and would quickly start losing money for the company.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of building a business that provides security & massive value.

Then I discovered direct response marketing, specifically SEO & online advertising.

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:

  • Build top online rankings, credibility and trust with prospects
  • Get qualified sales leads to contact us using online sales funnels
  • Offer valuable services and educate our customers virtually on auto-pilot

Because I was introduced to SEO & online advertising:

  • Maintain a top position online to build massive trust & credibility
  • Generate consistent inbound leads that are positive and qualified
  • Create more business revenue for my company and our clients

Now I'm living my dream of building a business that provides security & massive value and I never have to worry about being taken to court or possibly going out of business ever again.

And that's why we’re passionate about offering you SEO & internet marketing solutions so we can assist you in building your business to provide massive security and value as well!

Our Mission Statement & Core Values

“Our CORE focus & mission is to help small business owners generate low-cost sales leads online and increase their sales revenue by converting more leads into paying customers… without spending thousands of dollars in marketing services that don't produce qualified leads… or being held hostage in a marketing agency contract that does not produce positive results.”


Open & honest communication between our team and all our clients is another main core value for us. This allows us to build a solid relationship with everyone that we deal with. We strive to uncover and disclose any & all findings that will lead to the best possible solutions whether it benefits us or not. The goal is to disclose any & all available options to our clients and let them choose the best route for them.


The main byproduct of our Strong Determination is our Disciplined Productivity! The strong determination to find the best solution is what drives us to focus on ONLY the most effective options we can use to produce the best result for any problem that arises. After almost 14 years of working through trial and error to produce results...this is one of our specialties!


First and foremost, 100% positivity is the ONLY way we roll! Although difficult to maintain 100% of the time, this is something we value to the CORE and will ALWAYS be mindful of maintaining. When we stay positive when dealing with our clients, vendors and associates, we are able to generate great results no matter what issues we face.


Although this may sound "cheesy", this is another core value we strive for in our organization. Most or all of our team have a strong family-oriented background. We have children we love and support, we have parents whom we love and support and we have siblings as well as friends we strive to love and support. It is a MUST that we carry these traits over into our service to our clients. We treat our true clients & fans the same way we would treat our family.


Everyone on our team needs to display and show a high, strong level of determination. After years of assisting our clients and partners find solutions for the most seemingly impossible situations, we've learned that Strong Determination is what produces positive results EVERY matter what the circumstance. We all must operate under the premise that..."When There's a Will, There's a Way...or Solution"


This core value may seem a little over-bearing but we believe this goes hand-in-hand with our loving support we provide. A Lot of our clients have been thru major setbacks, treated unfairly or even taken advantage of and robbed! Once we determine who our true clients and fans are, we will go to war for them as if they were our family.

Note: We have everything it takes to help you build an online presence to generate a ton of low-cost traffic, consistently produce sales leads, and automate your marketing process for more sales opportunities!

Meet The Creative Leadership Team

Integralead Marketing-Rafael Profile
Rafael "Rafi" Carrasquillo

The Visionary CEO: Marketing & Sales Funnels

Lucia Delcid of Integralead Marketing
Lucia "Lucy" Delcid

The Integrator COO: Fulfillment & Customer Service

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