Video Marketing (YouTube)

and why it matters.

YouTube Video Marketing

All brand name companies survive on some form of Video Marketing or another. While that notion is constant, what has evolved recently is the importance of Video Marketing and how it has become one of the primary sources of content seen on many social platforms. Video Marketing is a critical marketing tool used for a wide range of functions that builds and promotes your company product brand. Since 2017, video content has represented more than 74% of internet traffic. This increase has signaled about 76.5% of small businesses to take part in producing video content proactively as well. Integralead's system understands the needs of such small businesses. They aim to introduce the best and most suitable personalized marketing strategy that caters to their goals. So for enterprises who wish to dabble more in the current scene of Video Marketing, Integralead can certainly cater to your needs.

Benefits of Video marketing

Video Marketing is a type of approach where video production helps promote and heighten your company’s product or service. It further increases traffic engagement as it is easily circulated using various social media channels that can pleasantly expand audience reach. This type of approach is ideal for targeting a large mass audience, which makes it easy to understand why a marketing approach has skyrocketed in such a brief time compared to others, as seen in the graph below, based on a 2017 report.

There are many more benefits of video marketing

  • Better Audience Connection - Most marketing strategies are designed with customers in mind, for the content must reflect both the company and its customers' needs. Having content that speaks to its customers allows for better communication and a stronger bond between the company and its audience.
  • Boost Retention - Just as explained before, if your customers trust your brand, this can boost customer retention. Video content can retain audiences as what we see and hear has a 65% probability of being kept in memory for up to 3 days later.
  • Boost in Clicks-throughs - A 2017 marketing study showed that emails with video attachments mentioned in the subject lines have a 19% probability of being opened and a 65% increase in click-throughs.
  • Videos work as an SEO tool - Imagine the increase in likes, shares, and traffic flow onto your website. It also helps to create backlinks, keywords, and tags, which can affect search rankings.

There Are Multiple Different Types Of Videos That Can Be Used For Your Marketing Campaign

live videos/live streams

These types of videos grant the audience a behind-the-scenes approach that will urge viewers to engage more. common channels like YouTube have become a known choice of media, allowing the audience to leave real-time comments, questions and responses.

brand videos

Showcases the company's ultimate missions as well as their given products and services. The aim is to help create product or brand awareness and intrigue among the target audience.

event videos

Although it is for larger companies, such videos are still useful to highlight important events, whether fundraisers, conferences or other types of gatherings.

demo videos

These types of videos are for advertising purposes to help showcase your product to interested viewers.

With Video Marketing taking the world by storm, systems like Integralead’s can easily cater to companies’ needs with various Video Marketing approaches, uniquely tailored to serve each companies’ demands. Every client is not the same, and Integralead understands that and listens to your marketing woes and effectively and coherently fixes them.

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